Silence is golden — and an invitation for bad things to happen to good people.

Our members believe that it is best to get a ringside seat and make your voice heard alongside other leaders who share your interests.

The ISIA supports our members by bringing them together at our annual September conference in Des Moines. At this event, members have the opportunity to connect with other members and network with industry experts and speakers.

Each year, representatives from the commissioner’s office of the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation speak at the conference, providing a unique opportunity to pose questions and meet with them, perhaps for the first time outside of a hearing setting.

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“The ISIA has provided critical information and education to key legislators so they can better understand the workers’ compensation process and the effects that any proposed changes would have.”

— Dave Roth, Alliant Energy Corporate Services

“The ISIA has been invaluable in connecting me with people who understand workers’ compensation in Iowa and want to improve the system.”

— Scott Folkers, Winnebago Industries, Inc.

“The ISIA is far and away the most knowledgeable and effective group in ensuring a fair and efficient workers’ compensation system in Iowa. You need to know what is actually happening in the trenches to effect meaningful change in the Legislature.”

— Chris Scheldrup, Scheldrup Blades

“The ISIA is a unique and talented group of people that enjoys sharing ideas relevant to the industry. Many of its members have become close friends, colleagues, and clients over the years.”

— Lisa Gran, Splashlight

“The ISIA does a fantastic job of keeping its members informed and updated on legislation and legal decisions affecting self-insured employers in the state of Iowa.”

— Courtney Glover, Rockwell Collins

“The ISIA advocates for our clients and all Iowa businesses in its efforts to educate legislators and encourage positive change in the workers’ compensation process.”

— Barb Sullivan, EMC Risk Services

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